PlayMulti-Functional Furniture for Small Condos wallbedwithhiddendesk

Multi-Functional Furniture for Small Condos

By Sarah MacNeil
Moving from a large home to a small condo or apartment in the city can be extremely daunting and, frankly, rather headache-inducing. Here are a few expert recommended tips and tricks to help during the transitional period: Make tough decisions about what to keep and what you ...
PlayStorage Solutions for Small Apartments storagesolutionsforsmallapartments

Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

By Sasha Skye
Storage Solutions for Smaller Apartments   Your home should be a place of relaxation and comfort. Today’s rental units are much smaller than those built in generations past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pack a big life into them all the same. With space at a minimum, the ...
PlaySpace Saving Beds with Desk spacesavingbeds

Space Saving Beds with Desk

By Nick Raffoul
Stay Productive   A good desk is an important part of staying productive at home. If you’ve ever been forced to work from your bed, you can understand how messy and unorganized things can get in a hurry. Space-saving beds that turn into desks are becoming a popular alternative ...
PlayMurphy Bed with a Desk Transforming a Small Space murphybedwithdesk

Murphy Bed with a Desk: Transforming a Small Space

By Sarah MacNeil
Transitioning from a large home to a small urban condo is no easy feat. Many young families are faced with spacial dilemmas while deciding how best to balance a small space without losing comfort and style.   Here are a few expert-recommended tips and tricks to help make a small ...
PlaySave Space with a Cheap Built-in Wall Bed cheapbuiltinwallbed

Save Space with a Cheap Built-in Wall Bed

By Nick Raffoul
Dual-Purpose Rooms   Many people utilize the extra room in their home for either a home office or a guest bedroom, depending on their needs. Before, space limitations sometimes meant choosing one option over the other. Today, with space-saving designs and cheap built-in wall ...

Space Efficient Furniture for Condos

By Sarah MacNeil
Space Efficient Furniture for Condos   Transforming a tight-fitting living space into a home is a tricky endeavour. For those who live in the city, creating a modern and functional living quarter is of utmost importance and requires careful consideration and planning in order ...

Need Ideas for Condo Dens? Check These Out!

By Dean Carlisle
In Need of Ideas for Your Condo Den? Check These Out!   Nowhere is the need to save space without sacrificing functionality more evident than in the condo market. Space-saving furniture and efficient combination furniture units are coveted items for condo owners, and when looking ...

Ideas for Small Condo Dens and Smart Space Saving Furniture

By Jayne Browne
Smart Space-Saving Solutions for the Small Condo Den and Home Office   Whether you have just moved or are researching new space-saving ideas for your home, the market for unique, practical and attractive solutions continues to grow. Creative ideas for small condo dens and study ...

Creating a Bedroom in a Den the Smart Way

By Sasha Skye
Creating a Bedroom in a Den   If you’ve been inside a condo in the GTA that has been built in the last 20 years, you are already aware that the amount of living space is minimal at best. With the popularity of living in a booming metropolis at an all-time high, developers are ...


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